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posted by [personal profile] whoozqueen at 07:05pm on 15/04/2005
You are Manny, patient, kindly and full of surprise

Who Am I? Which Bill Bailey are you?
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posted by [personal profile] whoozqueen at 01:22pm on 04/09/2004
The Unisfa quiz night is at the UWA Tavern on Thursday, 16th of September. 7:00pm
for a 7:30pm start.

Tables of six - we can book and get the price of $5 per ticket, instead of $7.

Only two rounds are sci-fi questions, the rest will be general.

Shiv and Roger? Want to play? Ruza says she's interested, but doesn't know about Craig, so we may have to find a subsitute. Perhaps Raif?
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posted by [personal profile] whoozqueen at 06:31pm on 16/08/2004
You are Colombia (Little Nell)
You are Colombia. You rock in that special way only
the squeaky can.

Which Rocky Horror character are you?
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posted by [personal profile] whoozqueen at 12:25pm on 07/08/2004

Mother Earth are now making bags of air popped corn, which I bought yesterday to give a go. One of those experiments to find snacks that I like which are somewhat healthy. Very little fat involved, virtually no sugar! Yay! Im trying the sea salt flavour this weekend, I might have a go at another flavour next weekend.

I also like the apple chips that they make as well. Vanilla or plain varieties. Haven't ventured into the cinnamon flavoured ones as yet. Kinda chewy pieces of dried apple. Definitely not for everyone, but I like them.
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posted by [personal profile] whoozqueen at 07:14pm on 14/07/2004
Wackiness: 18/100
Rationality: 34/100
Constructiveness: 52/100
Leadership: 52/100

You are an SEDF--Sober Emotional Destructive Follower. This makes you an evil genius. You are extremely focused and difficult to distract from your tasks. With luck, you have learned to channel your energies into improving your intellect, rather than destroying the weak and unsuspecting.

Your friends may find you remote and a hard nut to crack. Few of your peers know you very well--even those you have known a long time--because you have expert control of the face you put forth to the world. You prefer to observe, calculate, discern and decide. Your decisions are final, and your desire to be right is impenetrable.

You are not to be messed with. You may explode.

Quiz from here:
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posted by [personal profile] whoozqueen at 07:05pm on 22/06/2004
Bloody *spit spit* John Howard. He's now insisting that Australian schools fly the flag and "wouldn't mind it" if they also made the kiddies sing the national anthem *every day*.

Fuck. Off.

Here's just one more reason to vote Labour, vote Anyone But Howard this coming election. Since when did Australia try to emulate the United States in their ridiculous levels of nationalism? Our nation isn't like that - forcing kids to sing a song every day to show their national pride. That's brainwashing, not national pride.

When I was 11, going on 12, my grade seven teacher made my government school class say the lord's prayer every morning whilst standing next to our desks. The teacher, a Mr EFS, was a class A bully....oh, and you know, a stalwart of the church, too. *eyeball roll* So he thought it would do us a bit of good to say the lord's prayer every morning.

I was a very shy child, a good student, a quiet student. I did what the teachers told me to do, but I wouldn't do this. I hadn't believed in the existence of a supreme being (or any being for that matter) for a while, but this was my first year of truly making that belief public. So I refused to say the prayer. And every morning, that damn teacher would eyeball me in anger as I stood there and stared at the blackboard in silence.

Telling kids that they "have to" fly the flag or sing the national anthem every morning is bullying, nationalistic crap. We don't need to reinforce the symbolism in the minds of our children. Pride comes from being a nation that does good deeds, treats everyone well and comes together in a time of crisis. Not American-style patriotism. We've all seen where that path leads, and I don't want my country to be like that.
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posted by [personal profile] whoozqueen at 04:31pm on 20/06/2004
When someone posts a strong alternative opinion to a discussion group, and either starts or ends the opinion with a statement along the lines of:

"...you're all going to hate me"
"...you all think Im horrible.."
and so on and so forth.

I mean, reeeeeally. Grow the fuck up. If you have an opinion, and you know that its going to cause ripples, own the damn thing. Don't make it everyone else's fault/problem and don't ASS-ume that absolutely everyone hates you and doesn't agree with your opinion.

It gives me the whoops. Straight away, you're making ASS-umptions based on your own fears of not being accepted in the group, often on the basis that the regular that post are the only ones reading the list. Others have opinions, some may be the same as your own but are too shy to post. If you water your strong opinion down with "everybody hates me, nobody loves me" you're not doing your side any favours.

My dictate for the day. Have an opinion and express it, whatever the consequence. And don't throw no damn tantrum dance - Oh No! Someone Disagreed With Me And Now I'll Have to Leave the List - when someone does have a conflicting opinion to yours, because again, with the suckitude and the wah-wah, people.

Gah. Sometimes, being a List-Mom spins my head round.
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posted by [personal profile] whoozqueen at 12:42pm on 20/06/2004
...nothing quite like it for a facial. I get these little el cheapo face masks every now and again, because if I don't my face feels like its got about 50 layers of crap on it. Today's variety of El Cheapo was a self-heating clay mask. The self-heating part comes from the reaction to water that it has, causing heat.

Feels nice and soothing in winter, and the end result is quite fabulous, particularly on my cheeks. Everything's nice and smooth and clean. Ahhhhhh. Not bad for a cheap mud pack.

If I had the money, however, I'd be in at Elle Bache once every month or so, like I used to. They have brilliant mini-facial sessions for about $35, and the full version for $50. The difference is in the time spent on you and a couple of different treatments bung on your face. I'd alternature between the two, to cut down on costs. I utterly recommend the Elle Bache salons, I haven't found a bad one yet.

Anyone else have a favourite beauty treatment or indulgence?
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posted by [personal profile] whoozqueen at 09:46pm on 19/06/2004
Hey hey, after a millenium of not dyeing my hair any shade of blonde what-so-ever, I have dyed my hair.

Medium Ash Blonde. First time on the Ash, not the first on the blonde. For those that came late, I was born blonde. A nice, soft buttery blonde...which faded to Blah by about my late teens, early twenties. You know, one of those Is She Blonde, Is She Brunette type of boring mousitude shades. Ugh. I am forever being asked what my 'natural' colour is as a result.

Right now? Natural equals one third silver grey (schweeet!) emanating from a Morticia Addams spot on my right temple, and the boring blah mouse colour.

I started playing around with the colour when I was about 21, with a few streaks of blonde, and over a couple of years went from streaks to full colour blonde. Just before I joined the choir in 98, I was entirely bored with the blonde. I needed a change, and my hair was suffering a bit from being a little too blonde. Also, like I needed the associations between boobs/blonde/brain. Not a good thing. When you're young, the whole blonde thing can take away from your credibility as a 'leader' type, especially if you look way younger than you are, like I do.

So I dyed my waist length, honey blonde hair a deep dark brown in 1998. Wowee. Who knew it could be such a popular choice? I enjoyed the sea change of my new image. Pale skin, hazel eyes, dark hair. S'all good. I could be a bit more gothy, too. Nothing lacks credibility more than a honey-blonde goth wannabe. At least with the brunette hair, I felt like I could fit in once in a while.

I cut my hair much shorter than usual last year, and broke my habit of 'all one length'. As it turns out, 'all one length' drags my face down. Shoulder length is where its at, baby yeah. My mother gave me a voucher for an expensive salon, and I basically waved at the hairdresser and said "do whatcha want, for I do not care". What I got (*besides a bill for an extra $110 on top of the voucher's $100) was a really swanky layered shoulder-length hairdo and BLONDE highlights.

My hair's grown, the roots were blah-mouse colour and silver, and the time had come to decide...brown or blonde? A lot of people loved the blonde shades that were in my hair. I felt like I was going down a well worn path. No surprises for me in the blonde, although most of the people I know now, didn't know me as a blonde. Jules, Den, Paul - pretty much the only ones who are still around.

So here I am, posing as a blonde again. Medium Ash Blonde. Not entirely brown, not entirely blonde. This is probably a good thing.
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posted by [personal profile] whoozqueen at 11:34am on 19/06/2004
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