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Birthdate:Nov 21
Slowly turning most of my journal into a friends only thing, so let me know if you want to be added to my friends' list.

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anxiety, argent dawn, arrogant worms, art, arts, astronomy, atheism, atheists, australia, australian native birds, australian wines, bbc comedies, bbw fashion, beading, beads, bento, black books, blackadder, bones, books, british comedy, bubble tea, cake or death?, cat, china mieville, chocolate, choir, choristers, chypre, classical music, clothes, comedy, computer says no, consumer behaviour, cooking, craft, crafts, design, desktop publishing, disasters, dust, eccentrics, eh eh eh, equality for all, fashion, feminism, for the horde, gadgets, girl gamers, green apple, green wing, heroes, hip hop, hiphop, historical documentaries, history, horror, iced coffee, ideas, intelligence, internet, intervarsity choral festivals, inventions, japanese culture, jazz, jewellery making, journalism, knitting, kransky sisters, little britain, make up, margaret river, mark heap, marketing, media, medieval music, meditation, melbourne, migraines, missy elliott, modern art, monty python, my name is earl, news, nudies, nurofen, panic attacks, people-watching, perth, photography, pipingrad, platinum grit, politics, pop, portrait photography, pro-choice, psychology, public relations, pussycat, quiz nights, radio, rap, reading, real time strategy games, reality television, research, rnb, rome, sara rue, sci-fi/fantasy, science fiction, scrabble, scrubs, sculpture, serial killers, shiny things, shopping, singing, size acceptance, small press publishing, soul, space, tauren, television, terry pratchett, the /train emote, theatre, time, training cats, travel, tripod, trivia, vanilla, website design, western australia, wisdom, world of warcraft, writing, yarn
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