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posted by [personal profile] whoozqueen at 01:38pm on 13/02/2008 under

I am sorry that the indigenous people of this land have gone through so much suffering as a result of our invasion and inhabitation of Australia.  The methods of dealing with the resulting social issues were barbaric, brutal, uncaring and inconsiderate of family ties and cultural beliefs.  The way forward can only be by saying sorry, and recognising that our ancestors should have treated indigenous people with more respect.

I am very pleased that Kevin Rudd's government has gone forward with their election promise.  Thank you for doing what Howard should have done a long time ago when the idea first arose.  Im glad that my vote has made a difference.
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posted by [identity profile] ruzawench.livejournal.com at 09:02am on 13/02/2008
Unfortunately I cannot seem to escape racist people.... there were many people at work who do not agree with your sentiments.

I just don't understand why more people don't think like us? Was there something lacking in their upbringing?? Or is it that racism was missing in ours? If so I much prefer our point of view and am happy that our votes made a difference - finally I feel like our government is doing the things that I care about.

Screw everyone else, they had 10 years of the fucking uptight conservatives about time we had some good stuff!
posted by [identity profile] baroquestar.livejournal.com at 09:50am on 13/02/2008
I believe the phrase is something like "racism has to be taught".

We can be grateful we had the parents we did, or the wherewithal to break dysfunctional programming if we weren't so lucky, I guess.
posted by [identity profile] whooz-queen.livejournal.com at 10:27am on 13/02/2008
I don't know why some people are like that. I grew up in the middle of Wilson Tuckey's territory and the racism was endemic. The fear so great that we were ostracised by friends of more than twenty years merely for selling our home to a local indigenous family. It sickened me then, it sickens me now to think that people could be so unbelievably stupid.

posted by [identity profile] phooble.livejournal.com at 09:25am on 13/02/2008
Here here! The lady I was sitting next to at work was so excited today because it was the first time in her life since she was of voting age that there was a government in power that she felt may actually do something positive.

I missed the screening at our work complex because I got the time wrong (doh) but I read a transcript online and then watched it on youtube when I got home from work.

Also, when I walked through Redfern Monday, I noticed that the local Aborigines seemed a little lighter of spirit and I only worked out a little later that they were probably feeling a just a little better about their lot because of the impending speech.
posted by [identity profile] bar-barra.livejournal.com at 08:13am on 09/06/2008
I believe you just friended me on FB. I don't say anything personal on FB (my profile is a piece of finely-crafted utter nonsense)because I don't want the owner of FB to get any richer than he already is by on-selling my niche marketing to somebody. I haven't received any targeted ads for cardboard boxes or wombats in negligees yet either!

I do talk on LJ, however....


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